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LEGO Dreadnought progression by Scharnvirk
LEGO Dreadnought progression
A proof that us LEGO designers, amateur or not, develop over time as well. It is possible to build everything given some experience and dedication. Am I shameful about that first ugly Dreadnought model? No! It is what started the series and without it, I probably wouldn't explore the topic any further.
WH40k Dreadnought by Scharnvirk
WH40k Dreadnought
Hellfire variant. When there is a tank that REALLY needs to be taken down (provided the Dread survives long enough to actually do something)
WH40k Dreadnought by Scharnvirk
WH40k Dreadnought
Huge, massive, armored, powerful - and barely useful in real wh40k combat, yet I still love it.
DooM by Scharnvirk
Remember the Doom? Videogame which forever changed the industry, adding gore, blood, violence and fear in amounts unimaginable before? Good times, good times. This little viginette was created to use everything possible in LEGO and then some to create a believable Doom scene with "that feel". Whether I managed to capture it or not is not for me to judge, but I hope you like it anyway :)

The Cacodemon itself is probably the most complex build I have assembled so far, almost entirely composed of tubing, minifig hands and other pieces which are somewhat hard to classify as "bricks".

For walls I used some watercolor paint to add "weathering" effect and I really hope it will come off eventually, as these are my all dark tan bricks available ;)
Epsilon Dynamics goes Pleyworld! by Scharnvirk
Epsilon Dynamics goes Pleyworld!
An experiment with new crowdfunding platform for LEGO creations - the Pleyworld. It works pretty much like LEGO Ideas, except it seems a bit simplier plus it doesn't seem to have a ban-all-military-creations rule in action.
Since I got many requests for making instructions for the recent Auriga III model I've chosen it as a first entry for the platform.

So in case you wish it available for buy (or rental!) - click that little vote thingy right there:…

Thanks in advance! :)

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Holy balls your shit is so tight
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Just discovered your stuff... How can it be so AWESOME?!
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cool workgimme points,i give you llama 
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Happy Birthday, Scharnvirk.
Wish you all well and have fun.
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Happy Anniversary of your date of birth!
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Happy Birthday!!
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Hi there! Happy birthday! :la: 
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Your lego sculptures are fascinating!
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